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Bay Capital is a full-service financial firm, acting in a fiduciary role as an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). We are also a branch office of Calton & Associates, Inc., a Tampa-based brokerage firm. This broadens the range of offerings available so as to accommodate each client’s unique financial goals.

The priority of Bay Capital is to emphasize to clients the role of risk management in investing to achieve long-term growth as well as income. The importance of risk management increases as retirement approaches and beyond. The majority of our clients have retirement goals.

Since Bay Capital was founded in 1989, we have focused on limiting the damage caused by the infrequent but inevitable serious market contractions.  The added value for Bay Capital clients has been our ability to diversify between strategies, in addition to diversification between asset classes. Discover the difference that Bay Capital strategies can make to “traditional” portfolios, by introducing rules-based, objective, non-correlated strategies.



Bay Capital’s mission is to explain and make available to clients, the broadest and highest quality array of financial tools and strategies, to help them achieve the security that they are seeking, emphasizing risk-management and liquidity, in an ever-changing and unpredictable economic world.


"It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority." -John Templeton

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